• April 15, 2021

Young Griffo – Tiny Islands EP Review (Self Released)

Young Griffo – Tiny Islands (Self Released)

Young Griffo are a Brisbane band who have released their latest release Tiny Island which is 6 tracks of energetic indie rock music that delivers in songwriting, vocals and musicianship and solid production. Starts off with Pennies, which hits it off on the right note, with good melodies and vocals and good solid musicianship and a song just ripe for radio. Facade hits the right note as Pennies but the darker side of music creeps in and gives the song a nice edge and you can tell it in the lyrics. Four Points has a little bit of a groove going which is a nice touch and mixes things up musically nicely. The vocals and band are good. Lyrics interesting too. Tiny Islands the title track off the EP is my pick, nicely written and produced, vocals are solid as is the band and the production, another radio hit as well I reckon. Blood To Bone, is an awesome track, love the bass line opening and everything about this track is cool, dear I say it could be a hit with kids and the triple j crowd. Come To This End is different as well, has a little bit of Tom Waits, Nick Cave thing going with the vocals which is a winner with me.It’s an edgy almost laid back kinda of tune and it’s cool. This is good ep, something different, unique, production, musicianship are solid. This is a good start to the bands career. Very much worth checking out.


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