• April 15, 2021

Chinnook – We Could Be Friends For A While (Self Released) review

Chinnook – We Could Be Friends For A While (Self Released)

Chinnook are an awesome melbourne band playing pretty much brit pop/teenage fanclub kinda style music and boy to they do it real well. It opens up the classic track Black & Blue with it’s great hooks and solid vocals.. Yellow Belly is a catching rollking number with it’s great vocals & backing vocals really work here. It’s catch upbeat and fast. Carry On is just a good pop that sweet,breezy and a joy to the ears. Good Weird Joker is one of my highlight of the EP sung beautifuly by Moira. It the one song, I hope they are sending off to radio as it screams radio play. Nice use of keyboard. It’s a really lovely tune, beautifuly sung and performed. Heart Inside My Hand reminds me off the first track, love the use of the keyboards, the use of backing vocals and it’s well performed. Evil Weasel is another good track good use of the vocals and the keyboard. This song has more of rock’n’roll feel to it. Finishes off nicely with Child Of The Water with good use of of slide guitar played by the brilliant Andrew Higgs. It’s more of a beautiful laidback ballad with the keyboard & slide guitar working alongside each other perfectly. This is a finely produced EP, well written,sung and performed. If you’ve never heard of Chinook, you need this EP, it’s fantastic. Already one of my highlights of the year.


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