• June 23, 2021

Contact Us

Please contact us via email here

For publicists, managers, labels, non music types like actors, models and general inquiries. Email @ info@parx-e.com

If you are unsigned and sending an email about getting publicity for your music.

Please send it to this email address unsigned@parx-e.com Please note, If I like what I hear I will respond.

Please send music, movies, zines to here:

Parx-e Web Zine

C/O Clear Springs Entertainment

P.O. Box 1087 Hartwell

VIC, 3124


We do accept inquiries about music reviews via email if you have stuff online and prefer to send that way. If we like what we hear we will get back to you.

Please Note: MP3 or zipped email attachments are not accepted and will be deleted straight away