• April 15, 2021

Dylan Ollivierre & the TNs – Lighthouse (Firestarter Distribution) Review

Dylan Ollivierre & the TNs – Lighthouse (Firestarter Distribution)

Dylan Ollivierre & the TNs is doing aussie indie pop guitar music. He is from Perth and the CD is a great first release as it highlights his talents as a singer and as a songwriter. It’s also a little rough around the edge, just not overly produced which really works in his favour. It starts off with Find Your Truth which is the perfect song for summer, nice breezy, beautiful and sweet. Too Young has more of blues feel to it. The vocals both backing and main just work really well together. I even get a little hint of Jebediah here for some strange reason. Weight is more or less just Dylan on the guitar & a bit of Slide Guitar then picks up with drums and lead guitar. It feels like an aussie indie pop song, the way it is written & structured. Sunshine Rays is probably my pick off the CD, just a great track that is structured right, well played. It’s the song that crosses the bridge to being that song that could make it for them. It’s classic indie pop. Temper is just another rocking number, it’s just a cruisey upbeat pop number and works with good melodies, rhythms & vocals. Melodyssey is probably most different track on the CD, call it a little upbeat pop ballad with the use of the melodica really works in it’s favour. It’s a charming sweet little number. Songs like Walk On are just simple laid back ballads with just the guitar and vocals captures the rawness, organic feel of the music. It finishes off with Lighthouse which is a rocking indie pop music with good musicianship and song-writing. This is good a debut album for the band. It’s well written & well played, the more organic sound by not over producing is a real plus as you actually get to feel the energy of the band coming through out the songs. Dylan Ollivierre is a good new talent who I could see winning over new fans easily. Top Stuff.


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