• August 3, 2021

Parx-e Video Content

So I went to America and did a whole bunch of interviews and they are now up for your viewing pleasure. So I went to Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Nashville and New York. All those cities except Chicago I did interviews in. Plus I went looking for As Seen On TV Products plus I talk about some awesome places I ate at and an awesome video game shop in New York plus I give some travel tips. Hope you dig the interviews. Let me know what you all think

The Parx-e Show Season 2

Parx-e Show new season new episode with my buddy Yeo, talking about his new album being launched at Howler this Thursday night.

The Parx-e Show Season 1

Brad Marr from Massive and Mick & Tasha from Smoking Martha are on episode 2 of The Parx-e Show in Season 2. Both are excellent rock bands from Aussie doing good things.

The Parx-e Show interviews Swedish musician Robert Parker who performs Synthesizer Electronic music of the 80’s retro variety. I discovered his music on YouTube and was totally hooked. He performed in Melbourne at Square Sounds Festival and he kindly chatted with me about it all.

Patra Kay who is a Synth Pop, Trip Hop, Soul artist from Melbourne Australia who kindly chattered me is this episode guest of The Parx-e Show

The Parx-e Show Season 1

Yes after months even a few years of the idea. The first episode is now live and for your viewing. It can be viewed also at 1080p for those who decided to do so.

The first episode of The Parx-e Show has interviews with Australian actor Ella Cannon, Canadian singer songwriter Heather Longstaffe, American singer songwriter Karen Waldrup and Melbourne band Passerine.

Episode 2 has interviews with singer songwriter Kelsey Lewis and band Dear Plastic and it’s only 19 minutes long

Episode 3 of The Parx-e Show has interviews with Singer Songwriter Alexa Borden and Boxing Manager & Screenwriter Mike Altamura

Episode 4 of The Parx-e Show has interviews with talented actor Ella Cannon and musician Doctrin. Plus a review of Beth Hart new amazing album Better Than Home.

Episode 5 of The Parx-e Show has an interview with Melbourne Actor and jack of all trades Lliam Murphy plus a review of Raised By Eagles Diamonds In The Bloodstream album.

Episode 6 of The Parx-e Show Features interviews with actor Julie Dickson and actor Kaitlin Thomas. Kaitlin Thomas interview had a few problems with the recording of it. But managed to salvage a bit of it. The show now has a new PC so will be faster to edit and record interviews on Skype

Episode 7 Of The Parx-e Show is now up featuring interviews with the extremely talented country singer songwriter Christie Lamb and and rising Melbourne singer songwriter Erin Shay plus a special live performance by an artist. Watch it’s a great episode.

The Parx-e Show Episode 8 features an exclusive interview and performance by Aussie singer songwriter Jasmine Nelson, who releases her album Hercules on the 24th of September. It’s an incredible album.

Parx-e Show Episode 9 features interviews with Melbourne singer songwriter Mark Gardner and also Brittany Leo another Melbourne based singer songwriter.

Episode 10 of The Parx-e Show features interviews with singer songwriter Demi Louise who has been to South by Southwest, CMJ and has performed in England and Miss Elm. Both fantastic talents who I both think are doing good things.

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