• April 21, 2021

Trak Music Venue Review

Now I’m in the music industry, this webzine is my hobby, so it was fortune to receive tickets for James Reyne at Trak Lounge Live Music Bar in Toorak and boy as somebody who puts on shows and manages bands I would love to be able to put on a show here. Think the Hi Fi Bar but classier. Now when you walk in here you go down stairs and on your right their a place to grab drink then you can go down to the music area and you have the choice of wait for three bars to grab a drink from. So if you know what the Hi Fi Bar looks like then you can understand the sort a of layout the live music room is. The PA is fantastic, a nice big stage area. The supports Jo Dawson & Rav Thomas were great and James Reyne was on fire and you could tell he was having fun on stage and he played the hits. I liked this room and will happily come back here again to see live music. The team behind the venue have done a fantastic job and it needs to be seen and gone to. It was a fun night I had with my friends and will certainty be back again.


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