• April 21, 2021

Blazin’ Entrails – Self Titled (Firestarter Distribution) Review

Blazin’ Entrails – Self Titled (Firestarter Distribution)

Now this is a fun release, Blazin’ Entrails play pychobilly/rockabilly music and they do it very well. This is their debut release and it’s a first class ep full of energy & fun. If you ever seen a band like this play you know how good they are live and I’m sure these guys are good as well. The EP is a first class production, it’s nice & solid sounding, just the right amount of polish and leaving a little bit rawness to it. It starts off with high power energetic rocking good time Ain’t Nothing For You Here to songs like Zombie Elvis Lives which another rocking number about a zombie Elvis and one of my highlights is Lick My Boots Featuring Tobi Lea Gogo on lead vocals about getting the man who double crossed her who about to die to lick her boots, it’s seriously a hoot of a track. `Their a 7 tracks in total and they are all really good, Caleb the front man and guitarist has a voice perfect for this. It also helps he is fantastic guitar player and fit alongside Lee the double bass player & Walt the percussionist. Also take note budding bands this is how you should do artwork. It really stood out. This grab my attention and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a fine release and deserves to be in your CD collection if your a fan of this style of music or not, another winner from Firestarter.


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