• April 15, 2021

Jenny Dalton Interview

Jenny Dalton


 Jenny Dalton is one of my all time fav singer songwriters, who I first discovered 4 years ago and has been hooked ever since. She even featured on a compilation cd I put out to start my music industry career.  She busy working on a new album which sounds like it’s gonna be amazing. So read on why I think she fantastic



1. What will the new album be about?
The new album was inspired by
blood, roots, family trees and a mixture of folk wisdom, medicine &
art. I wrote many of the songs while I was interested in a return to
simplicity in my life. Kind of carving everything back down to the core
of what’s important in life – love and surviving.

2. What the inspiration behind
it ?

Enjoying the little things – a patch of frayed fabric, a found
seagull feather, a seedling that I planted. Small pleasures. I’m not
sure if that’s what will come through in the sound because I feel like
we’ve actually added complexity to the music as a band. But I can say
these things were on my mind all throughout their creation.

3. What will we see it come out?
It’s hard to say – we are still
in the process of tracking the album. Then mixing, mastering and
releasing are their own animals that take time in their own right.

4. What else have you been
up to music wise?

I’ve been laying pretty low actually. My interest
in simple pleasures and all things tactile have led me to putting all my
creative energy into artsy crafts and gardening.  My gardening endeavor
was a flop, but it was still fun sprouting seeds and digging in the

5. Why did you decide to have some of your music

I’ve always liked electronic music and wish I had the
knowledge to create it. But it’s also fun handing some music files over
to talented people to see what they come up with. I know other musicians
have differing feelings about this: but I really like seeing how
someone else can transform the songs. Let them get processed and
reworked by a different mind. It gives them a new life, some fancy new

6. How has social media helped with your career?
I’ve been able
to keep in touch with the people who like what I do very directly.
There’s no mysterious disconnect for better or worse.

7. What
has been the highlight so far?

I love it when I hear from people who
have found something soothing or healing within the music I’ve made. Or
when I hear from people who are inspired by what I do enough to go and
do something in their lives as well. I love to think the music brings
good into the world.

8.  Where has been the weirdest
place you’ve heard your music being played?

I don’t know if this is
the weirdest place, but it was strange when I went to a friend’s dinner
party, and one of my songs came on the radio. That always feels surreal.

9. How has your
songwriting changed since the first album?

I feel like it’s more
rhythmic, and I like to play around with creating new chords. The band
is also adding some hard, yet beautiful elements to the songs. It’s
sounding very post-punk to me. We’re having a lot of fun with it!

10. Have you found it
easier or harder to write songs these days?

In some ways it’s easier,
but I have to veer away from that because I don’t want to fall into
writing the same songs over and over again. I strive to make it a little
harder so that I can have something fresh for my ears.

11. How do you find your

It’s everywhere! I’m one who believes you have to spend
as much time being inspired as you do being creative. It doesn’t need to
take a lot of work or money to get inspired. Sure, traveling is great,
but so is a trip to the local library, a hike in the woods or a paddle
in a canoe.


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