• May 6, 2021

The Marquee – White Room Album Review

The Marquee – White Room (Self Released)

The Marquee are a Canadian indie rock who have released their latest album White Room which is a catchy slice of indie rock music. It starts off with the racker of an opening track First Time with great vocals and musicianship. Each And Every Week is a catchy song that screams radio play. Great vocals, the use of female backing vocals is a nice touch and the use of keyboard is a good use. Beating Drums is one of my picks off the album, love the use of drums and keyboard together, the songwriting and musicianship is solid. Good lyrics ensure this is a winner of a track. Can’t Take Mine is another catchy tune, good lyrics, melodies and musicianship plus solid vocals. Fall Back In has a cool intro, love the use of guitar on the track, the dual vocals works great. Also does the use of keyboard. Save You is a catchy rocking tune with solid, vocals, musicianship and songwriting. The songwriting on the album is solid, The band is solid at what they do. Medication is another song that deserves radio play, it’s a catchy rocking tune with great vocals and love the use of female backing vocals. The use of keyboard is also excellent. Horizon is another pick off the album for me, solid musicianship, great vocals and solid songwriting. Melodies & Melodies is another winner, love the intro the song, great vocals, lyrics and the musicianship is excellent. One Last Time finishes off the album well, it’s a cool tune with good vocals, musicianship and good songwriting. This is good debut for a band that I know will go loads of fans because of it. It’s got good songwriting, musicianship and good solid vocals plus it’s a well produced album. These guys deserve to do well and this album puts them in the right direction.


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