• August 3, 2021

Scraps movie review

Scraps movie review

Scraps is a short film that is directed by Danny Safady. The film is about a girl called Eva who is homeless played by Michelle Page who accepted by few as a shining light in the darkness and shunned by everyone else as a wandering vagrant. Eva must prove herself to a judgmental, image obsessed world by showing how one simple selfless act of love can affect the entire community in ways they may not even realize. The film is well directed by Danny Safady and Michelle Page gives another powerhouse performance as Eva, she really is an amazing talent and this performance makes you go this girl is gonna be an acting talent to be reckoned with. She really is amazing in the role. The film is well directed, written and well shot. It is a really moving short film, the way that the character of Eva wants to help people even in the situation that she is, is really something and this day in age, we need more people like her and the power of love is a beautiful wonderful thing. Every actor in this movie is good. The film looks like a big budget film and it’s not. The film says something, The use of voiceover is a good touch but use wisely and not too much to let the stuff on screen tells the story and the use of music alongside with the cgi is used to great effect and only adds to this amazing film. I thought this was an amazing short film, Michelle Page gave a solid totally believable performance as Eva and adds to her list of amazing performances she has done, Lauren Sweetser is also good as Grace. Danny Safady is a director to watch out for. The use of locations is excellent. There is a why this film is being accepted to film festivals and winning awards because this film is special, it says something and delivers with solid performances including Michelle stand out performance as Eva and great directing. If this film comes near a festival near you. Go see it, it will be worth your while.


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