• April 15, 2021

Olivia May Interview

Olivia May

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Olivia May is an incredibly talented singer songwriter from America who music I heard which I fell in love with. She is incredibly gifted and is going to have a bright future in music. This what she had to say.



1. How did you get into music?

My sister was in choir as early as I can remember. I followed her and started singing in choirs as young as kindergarten. I sang all through school, and fronted my first band at 14. Picked up the guitar (finally!) at about 23. Music is my life, and   even without knowing it, always has been.

 2. What was the inspiration for your latest tunes?

I wrote a whole album while in Nashville this past August. Not sure its a good album, but it has potential, and it basically kicked off my next solo album concept.

I write when I am alone.

 3. What was the recording process like for your upcoming release?

I am currently recording 3 projects. All are at the beginning stages, so there is little to report on that.

 4. Any plans to record a full length album?

I should have 1 full length rock album with my rock band The Sound of Ugly drop next year. Most likely in summer. I plan to drop a solo EP and also an EP with my Americana Duo project David & Olivia.

 5. What inspires you when writing music?

It’s so cliche I hate to even say it; heart-break, and loneliness.

6. Who have you enjoyed playing with recently?

I play out so much it’s stupid. I have been on an ongoing tour with David & Olivia up and down California. It has been supremely rewarding! Along with those shows , I play in Santa Monica often with a great group of girls and enjoy the diversity in who I am playing with. But I am really looking forward to writing and recording and some much needed hibernation.

7. What was the inspiration for the video clip of the song Honey?

Honey was presented to me by a producer/songwriter/musician, who is now a dear friend, Mark Renk. I have minimal writing credit on the song, so the premise already existed. But who can’t relate to a song of letting go? Whether it be a relationship you need to leave, or a job, or a habit? It just made sense to do a video that was very true to the words of the song.

8. What is it like to work and perform in Nashville?

Nashville is amazing. Absolutely gorgeous! I had two trips in one – I couch-surfed for the first week and a half, and then locked myself in a hotel for the last week and half and wrote an album, which I had no plans of doing! Playing out at open mics is always a good time. I met some amazing people, and now have a nice group of friends who I am still in contact with. I trust that I will live there one day. Just not sure when.

9. Who would you most like to sing a song with?

Gosh. That’s a hard question. I love singing, so I will sing with anyone and love doing it! I wish I had a more clever answer for you – or some dying dream of singing with a certain star, but I guess I don’t!

10.  How does social networking help with your music?

It is the main source of connection between me, friends, family, and fans! It is absolutely necessary and quite time consuming. I have a love/hate relationship with social networking. I don’t see it going away anytime soon, so I am figuring out every day how to use it to my advantage.

11. If you could work with any one who would it be?

I always wanted to work with Timbaland!

12. Any plans to go overseas and tour?

In my dreams! Hopefully someday soon I will have the necessary financial backing to make that dream come true!


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