• April 21, 2021

Sons Of Rico & Francesca De Valence reviews

Sons Of Rico – (Firestarter Distribution)

Bands like Birds Of Tokyo & The Temper Trap are big because they are doing something unique and different and are giving the listener something good to listen to. So when this album came in the mail it was a welcome thank you because this album is really really good. They are doing alternative rock mixed with a dash of indie rock and little brit pop and it’s very cool. It starts off with the catchy Miss Adventure a short but catchy upbeat anthem that starts off the album well and it’s a real triple j friendly kinda track. This Madness is one of my picks off the album, it’s just a good solid catchy rock song with great use of hand claps. It’s a song which I’ve humming and singing along a way to. It’s Alright it’s a little edgy, a little poppy but good harmonies and vocals. The Keeper is a little atmospheric and the keys used through out the track is an excellent touch, vocals are really spot on. In The Morning is another pick off the album, it’d board-line ballad but the keyboard and the vocals and the way guitar and drums used are just perfect. I get taken to heights of musical heaven. Not Quiet Right is another ballad track with it’s acoustic guitar and keyboard. It has hints of folk influences. Adam’s Apple reminded me of The Temper Trap with the way of the vocals and how the keys are used through out the track. Songs like Clever Girl & Sucker shows off the rock edge of the band and fits in nicely with the rest of the album.  Just A Bit feels like a 70’s prog rock song with the use of the keyboard, how the guitar is play and how the vocals fit in quitely nicely with the track. Orphan Cloud finishes off the album nicely with another prog rock influenced track. I can not rave more highly about this album. I love it to bits, everything about is just way cool. I reckon this is one of the finest Australian album to come out in a long time and will be in my top 10 albums for this year.

Francesca De Valence – Oh It’s Simple (Self Released)

The joys of discovering new music is you discover it in lot’s of different, mine was a poster on the Wesley Anne door. Francesca music I describe it as pop tunes with a hint of jazz. The first song Something New is a big bold pop anthem that shows of her vocals, piano and song-writing skills. It’s also very radio friendly, I could easily here people cranking it singing in their cars as listen to it off the radio. In The Middle is ballad that shows off the lyrics, the use of the electric guitar alongside the piano. Will You Be Mind has a little bit of a country influence is nicely sung and played. Still is a pick off the ep for it’s another big pop ballad anthem that I could easily hear being played on radio and people singing along to. Season Of Love is another sweet beautifully written, well sung, well played and well crafted. Here In Time is another pick, her voice shines well here, the piano play is simply divine. It’s such a lovely song and a great way to finish off the EP. This is an amazing EP, such beautifuly haunting touching songs that really get you inside. Francesca has got the songs, the talent to go far. Her songs are easy to the ear but still maintain this breath of freshness and honesty and maturity from some one who crafted perfect tunes. It also very well produced. My only problem I wanted more.  One of my top 10 EP’s for 2010 and one my top 10 people to watch out for in 2011.


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