• April 21, 2021

Lecia Into Being Review

 Lecia – Into Being (Self Released)

Lecia is a Queensland singer songwriter who writes good honest poppy/rocky tunes with a hint of roots in the mix as well that show off her talents and a songwriter and as a musician who can play the guitar really well. Her song-writing style reminds of me of the mid to late 90’s area of aussie and international singer songwriters such as Monica Brumby. It starts off with These Walls which is honest and driving with some solid guitar playing. Get Better has a real 90’s feel to it and it’s just a good pop song that is structured well. Little Girl is one of my picks off the album, I love the use of the electric guitar, love the way it is written and sung. Just a good energetic ballad. Lecia voice is solid here. Hoops is one of the songs I reckon is really radio friendly, it’s got a good catchy chorus and good lyrics.  This Moment is another pick off the album, just for it’s simplicity of being able to play a song just on the guitar & vocals without the need of any other instruments and truly make the song come alive. The album manages to mix it up with rocky upbeat numbers & solid laid back acoustic type numbers. Honiara is another funky upbeat number just with acoustic guitar & electric guitar and a dash of percussion and has a hint of blues influences in the the track. Songs such as No Mistaking, Red Ribbon,Dear Dad really show off her song-writing, lyrics and vocals. Their are 13 tracks in total and it finishes off with the cruisey laid-back number The Simple Life which finishes off the album well. The album is a really good release because it’s upbeat and energetic, and it’s refreshing to hear something that hasn’t been done in a while in this day in age of Folksy singer songwriters such as Washington & so on. Lecia has got a lot of talent and I think this album should see her win her new fans and launch herself into a very successful career.


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