• May 6, 2021

Francesca De Valence Interview

Francesca De Valence Interview

 Francesca De Valence is one of the most incredibly talented Aussie singer songwriters I have heard in a long long time. She got great songs, great voice and a first class ep as well. She gonna be huge. Watch this space and read the interview.


1. Are you happy how things are
gone for you so far with the music?

Hmmm, yes and no. I’m happy with what
I’ve done so far, but I’m always looking ahead at what’s next and
wanting more. Yes, I’m one of those people.

2. Are you happy with the feedback
from the ep?

Again yes and no. Thrilled that my
single "Something New" was played on Rage for 3 months, and
was an Australian Songwriting Contest Finalist and a Q Song finalist,
but again wanting more…. I am pretty hard to please.

3. What inspires you when writing

Life and how I experience it – which is
usually pretty analytically and emotionally. I also find inspiration
from gallery exhibitions, a concert, a great meal, listening to a
great song (and wishing I wrote it), experiencing or watching a
joyous moment, seeing someone else making the most of their life.

4. How has itunes helped with the

It’s made the world a much smaller and
more accessible place – instead of my fans in Germany buying a
physical copy of my CD, they can just download it on itunes.

5. What’s been your favorite place
to play so far?

I just played the Toowoomba Flower Food
and Wine Festival Concert (supporting the Hoodoo Gurus) to a crowd of
10,000 with my band – that might be the best place so far! The crowd
was awesome and my band too!

6. Who has been the biggest help
with your career so far?

I’m struggling to answer this one. I’ve
had the loving support of family, friends, and a partner. But
probably I’m the one who’s helped my career the most as I’ve created
and driven it! (if I do say so myself!)

7. how did it feel to the win a
songwriting award?

Umm… der, pretty good.

8. How has sites such as
facebook,myspace & twitter with help getting your name out there?

It’s a necessary evil. Sure it’s helped
– I have LOTS of ‘friends’ but really so do they. And how important
am I to them? Well the ones I don’t know anyway… somewhere along
the line it became about the number of people you’re friends with and
not really how many ‘real’ fans you have.

Ok for those die-hard fans, it’s great.
They can keep a closer eye on what you’re doing. But if I had a
choice, I’d rather not social-media at all!

9. What been the highlight so far?

Of my day?…eating Tim tams. Oh you
mean my career. There is no real highlight. On a steady and slow
climb up there is lots of nice scenery but I’m not at the top yet.
I’ll let you know my highlight once I get there. But then again, I’ll
probably want more… (ha ha)

10. What was the inspiration for
the ep?

Life, the start of a new relationship,
how I experience myself in the world, wanting more.


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