• December 4, 2020

Serial Killer Smile – The Elephant In The Room EP Review

Serial Killer Smile – The Elephant In The Room (Firestarter Distribution)

This is an interesting release, These guys have got some talent, This is a good start for a band who I’m sure are making a name for themselves in their city of Perth and probably won’t take long for everybody else to catch on too. These guys are a progressive rock band and a good one at that. It starts off with The Baker which shows off the vocals, the musicianship and songwriting of the band. Version [3.0] is an energetic well constructed written song that shows off the lyrics and songwriting and the vocals which work nicely. Let You Go is a nicely constructed song like the guitar intro, the use of the bass and drums sit perfectly together. Vocals and lyrics are good too. The Irrepressible is good,, good lyrics melodies that work well together. Finishes off with We’ll Never Know finishes off the ep nicely good track with everything work together well. This is a good start for the band, this band has the talent and I can see them going places with it.


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