• January 26, 2021

Samantha Darnell Interview

Samantha Darnell
Samantha Darnell is a singer songwriter who we have interviewed once before. Her music we really dig. Great songs and a great voice so please read on and find out what she has been up to recently.
1. What have you been working on since the release of your last ep?

1. I’ve been promoting the last EP, ‘The Art Of Breaking Hearts’ (available on iTunes at www.itunes.com/samanthadarnell) and working on a new one.  I’m very excited about my new tunes.
2. Have you had much interest from Industry People regarding your music?
2. I’ve had some really awesome people in the industry take notice and
I’m hoping it’s finally my time to shine.  I won’t stop until I’ve
busted down the right doors.

3. What inspires you now when writing music now?
3. Life.  Whatever I’m feeling, I put in a song.  It’s always been my way of dealing with my emotions.  It’s my outlet.
4. Do you think social networking has helped you gain a new audience?
4. Definitely.  Without it, I wouldn’t have the international fanbase
that I have.  We are blessed to have access to the whole world by simply
sitting from home on our computers and phones.  It’s crazy when I find
out I have fans from the UK, Australia, India, Mexico, etc.  Blows my
5. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

5. Conor Oberst.  He’s my hero.

6. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?
6. I think it would be rad to have Jenna Marbles in a video with me.  She’s hilarious.
7. What have you been listening to recently that has inspired you as an artist?
7. I’ve been listening to a lot of Grace Potter.  She’s such a badass hunk of talent.  Makes me want to get better at what I do.


8. What is next for yourself?
8. I’m going to keep writing and try to find a good label that
understands who I am and believes in me to help take my career to the
next level.
9. Will we see an album in the
9. Of course!  I’ve got a bunch of songs just waiting to be released and I can’t wait.
10. Who have you enjoyed working with recently?
10. I always enjoy working with my producers, Dan Book and Alexei Misoul
(who recently went platinum with their song, ‘I Like It Like That’ by
Hot Chelle Rae!  So exciting!!).  They are some of my best friends and
we have a blast making music together.  


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