• May 6, 2021

Erin Shay – This Heart EP Review

Erin Shay – This Heart EP (Self Released)

This Heart by Erin Shay, a local Melbourne singer songwriter is a good example
of fine EP from a singer songwriter who is doing good things and putting out
good solid tunes and this has seven of them. From songs like One More Last Kiss
which shows off her vocals, lyrics, her way of writing a good pop song that
shows off her talents. Songs like the opening track Crashing Waves shows of her
vocals, lyrics and the excellent musicianship of her and her band which
compliment each other nicely. Songs like Falling In Love, Temporary Love have a
bit of jazz edge to them; Erin vocals and her
songwriting are excellent here as is the rest of the EP. I Don’t Love You, I
love the use of electric guitar, and it sits in perfectly with the tune and
really does add a nice touch to the song.  Sweet Revenge is a nice upbeat song and it’s
well written, sung and performed. The bonus track A Day Too Long is also
excellent and fits perfectly with the rest of the EP. The production is first
class, sounds good and adds what already Erin
and her band bring to the table.  I
thought this was an excellent release for an up and coming singer songwriter
with a bright future ahead of her. This is something you need for your CD


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