• April 15, 2021

Sensored DVD Review (Hannover House)

So you know, I’m good mates with Michelle Page and will review anything she is in. So if the review is a little bias that why. I do it to give some pr and stuff.

Sensored DVD Review (Hannover House)

Sensored is one of those movies that from the word get go. well your in a movie experience that will either leave you feeling disturbed/sick or being blown away. For me I’m in the middle. I think the movie is brilliant thanks to Robert Picardo stellar performance as Wade Nixon a children book author who has a dark side, like to kill and hurt people. Ryan Todd has done a stellar job directing the film. Michelle Page is totally believable as Tara, you really don’t want her to end up the way she does. she gives a really brave performance and shows why she is an amazing actor. The film is really quite creepy and disturbing. David Fine is awesome as Agent Jeffries. It’s a film that gives a whole new meaning to the horror/thriller genre. It’s a film that offers a lot to the viewer. It isn’t just about what the character Wade Nixon does to people. It has a sense of intelligent and also how to really get in side your skin. Normally I’m not creeped out by horror movies as you know, I’ve just gotten use to them but the way that the main character of Wade hurts his victims well it really creeped me out and made a little uncomfortable for a bit, made me need to something else for a while. The use of the RED camera is quite remarkable, they made the film look amazing, you couldn’t tell that this was a indie film and I think with the right crew like this film has, it will work to bring out a steller effort. This is not your average horror movie, this is a film that offers good acting, well written dialog, characters with substance and a film that will make you go wonder about your next door neighbour.


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