• April 21, 2021

Parx-e Web Zine Hitlist

With so much good talented in music and acting, here is my hit list of people to watch out for and well there making a name for themselves.

 Michelle Page

This incredibly talented female actor is one of the most wonderful, kind caring friend with so much talented. She got some new work and people that are gonna ensure she a talent to go always see. She is seriously the real deal as actors go. none of this Hollywood BS.  I think she amazing with so much talent to go far. Just a genuine amazing friend supportive of me as much as I am of her.

Gillian Emmett

This very beautiful talented aussie actor, is going places. With a role alongside Malcolm McDowell. With two films in the pipeline with good solid roles. She gonna take over the aussie acting world very soon. I can see her being the next big thing. Watch this space. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will. Pop on over to http://www.gillianemmett.com to see why she is so good.


Incredible Melbourne Power Pop/Rock band with the talent to go so far and believe me they will. They have signed to my good mate Scott Thurling Popboomerang Records. Distance Is A Gun is an incredible EP worth having in your collection.

 Coby Grant

Incredible aussie singer songwriter based in Melbourne who got three amazing EP’s out all worth having in your collection. She now booked by the biggest booking agent in Australia and one of her songs is used by bottle water brand somewhere in Europe. This girl has got the talent to be huge and she will.

Sarah McMonagle

Incredibly talented aussie country singer songwriter with so many good songs, really great voice and good honest lyrics. totally dig what she does.



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