• May 6, 2021

Just Like U featuring Julie Dickson.

This is one gonna be one really touching and inspiring movie.  One of my favorite people to interviews of last year Julie Dickson.

 Is going to be this amazing movie called Just Like U. Julie a real sweetheart and she super talented and I know she gonna be awesome in it. Here is the synopsis.


This movie is a very hearting warming and heart wrenching story about the life of a young man with
Down Syndrome and the lives he touching along the way.
Bradley is in his late 20’s. He lives on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. He works in a number of part time
and voluntary jobs.
He is a cleaner at the local shopping centre and is also a trolley pusher for a grocery store. Another of his
jobs is as a bellboy at one of the nicest local hotels, The Oceans in Mooloolaba. One of his favourite jobs
is his volunteer work at a local kindergarten where the children all adore him immensely.
Early in the movie, Bradley meets a young women called Britney. She is a 26 year old budding author.
Britney arrives at the hotel one day during one of Bradley’s shifts. He is given the job of taking her bags
to the room. They strike up a conversation.
Over the next few days , Britney and Bradley bump into each other and a friendship forms.
Throughout the duration of the film we see the many wonderful ways that Bradley interacts with people
in the community. We also see a few experiences where he encounters people that take advantage of
Over time Bradley discovers that Britney is quite unhappy inside, about her broken relationship with
her only brother. Bradley is instrumental in helping her to get this relationship back on track after her
brother arrives on the coast to join her on this annual holiday.
The road is a little bumpy for a time, until Britney’s brother Don, has things to learn and a few big life
lessons happen, at the hands of Bradley. Then a tragedy strikes. This has a huge effect on the main
This is a very touching and emotional story. We are hoping to dispel some of the misconceptions about
what people with Down Syndrome, can and can’t do. They are a lot more capable then many have given
them credit for.
Much will be revealed in , ‘Just Like U’.

Written and Directed by Peter R. Cannon.

 It’s gonna be a great film. Julie talented and what the film is about will no doubt touch many people. Could be the next award winning aussie film.





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