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Sarah McMonagle

Sarah McMonagle

Sarah McMonagle
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Interview With Sarah McMonagle By Chris 12/01/10

Sarah McMonagle is probably the best young feamle country singer songwriter coming out of Australia in the last few year. Her debut album Tea On Tuesday is an album that is something really special and really sweet. The album is a must have and I was simply taken back by it. So read on folks.

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1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?

Yes definitely, I certainly exceeded all of my own expectations but I do have new goals that I’ve set so am looking forward to working towards achieving them now.

2. How is the album different to the last recording?

I released my EP around 3 years ago and it was something that I was very proud of but I do feel I have grown so much as a songwriter and person and the songs on the new album really reflect that. There are more personal stories on Tea on Tuesday and I feel I’ve really put my heart on my sleeve with this one.

3. What inspires you when writing music?

Lots of things inspire me, I might see or smell something or hear a great story that I think would be perfect for a song. My friends and family definitely inspire me too.

4. How was the recording process like for album?

Matt Fell produced my album, I spent about 10 days with him in the studio and it was a great experience, I was involved in every step but I really respected Matt’s work and knew he would make the songs sound great so I just let him go with it.

5. What do you think of major record labels and the new 360 deals?

There are definitely pros and cons to both being signed to a major record label and being an independent artist. I think if the deal seems right for the particular artist then they should go for it. At the end of the day major record labels are a company not a charity, they need to make money and unfortunately there isn’t a lot of money to be made in album sales anymore so they need to look at other avenues.

6. What has been your favorite place to sing so far?

Definitely at Toyota Star Maker, it was such a professional set up and a huge audience, pretty nerve racking but I loved it.

7. Are you happy how people have responded to your music?

Yes very much, I realise my music isn’t for everyone but I have been receiving some great feedback and responses, I made the album for me and the stories are very personal and it’s so nice when people tell me they can relate to my stories too.

8. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

So many people, definitely the musicians on the album and the other independent artists who play at the same festivals.

9. Do you think Australia needs a dedicated country music station

I think that could be a great idea as so many people love country music but can’t access a country radio station everywhere. I’m lucky enough to have 989fm a 24/7 country station here in Brisbane to listen to. I would hate for it to push out the community stations though as they do such a great job promoting country music.

10. How has the media responded to the album and your music?

I’ve had some fantastic reviews and stories in Capital News and Country Update magazines and some great feedback from radio presenters across the country.

11. Any plans to play down here in Melbourne?

I really hope to play around Australia a bit more in 2010 and I really love Melbourne so it would definitely be on my list to do.

12. What advice can you give to people who wanna make a career in music?

I was given this advice when I attended the CMAA College of Country Music – Be nice to the people on the way up because you’ll need them on the way back down.


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