• June 23, 2021

Gossling – Until Then (MGM Distribution) Review

Gossling – Until Then (MGM Distribution) Review

A good singer songwriter doesn’t need gimmicks or tricks to sell her music to an audience, the music should speak for itself and when something good as Gossling is, it doesn’t stay quiet for long. I first heard Gossling a year ago playing alongside Coby Grant, I booked for a show in December then well the rest is history, She got herself a booking agent, publicist because of her amazing debut EP and support from Triple J. The new one is amazing,  It’s beautifuly written, haunting and captaviting. Songs like The Only Way are haunting anthem that are just beautifuly layered with sweet melodies, amazing piano playing and a good use of cello. Oh Darling is another track that highlights her songwriting, vocals and musicianship and how fantastic a piano player she is.  I Was Young is different as it has guitar, backing vocals and good effect use of the drums, even the Banjo. It has a bit of a country & western feel to it. Ancient Love would have to be my favorite off the EP. Good use of drums,piano, cello and Helen voice is in fine form. I think this is an remarkable EP, a real achievement in songwriter and music.  She has put out something that is really sweet and a joy to the ears.  She will be the next big thing in music for singer songwriters.  It’s already happening. Do yourself a favour, pick this up and support a real aussie talent.


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