• April 21, 2021

Rav Thomas Single Launch Review 27th @ The Gerswin Room The Espy

Earlier in the year with the whole
rally & live music issue, I decided to do a documentary/short
film on live music and why people should come back. In the process of
making this documentary which may come out some stage, people are
going to shows, it’s just the type of shows they are going to like
the show I went saw last Friday being Rav Thomas playing the Gershwin
room at the espy, I was already going to see the amazing Jo Dawson
play but his publicist said come down and I’m glad I did because all
the music I saw I missed the first two act were incredible. I arrive
in time to see the band Jakk’s Azimuth play and boy they were good
doing funk, reggae, pop, soul kinda stuff with keyboards, saxophone,
bass, acoustic guitar and drums and they were sounding so good. The
first song was my pick out of them. Then Jo Dawson plays who I think
is part of the new breed of singer songwriters who are doing music
that is different for Melbourne, not doing the whole
folksy,jazzy,blues thing and her music just incredible. Her music is
rock/poppy edgy kinda music. She writes all her own tunes and the
band playing with her are her backing band when she plays live. She
is an energetic singer that some solid songs like Better Than That
and the song Bad Behavior. She mixes it up with both acoustic and
electric guitar and she does it so well. Tonight she was no
exception, she sounded goods, songs were nice & solid sounding.
She got the talent for a very successful career. Now Rav Thomas is
here to launch his single Like A Game Show Host to a sold out crowd
and there is a reason for that. His music is really good, good catchy
upbeat feel good reggae type music that leaves you with a smile on
your face and he been doing it a for a while and the song became
number 1 on the ARIA physical single charts. He is on fire tonight,
singing with such power & passion. You can feel the energy and
intensity coming off the stage into the audience and they are loving
it. The cover of Jealousy is really good and adds a unique spin to
the song. The single that he was launching tonight is nothing short
of amazing, he just knows how to perform as a performer. The room
has an incredible vibes, just so much happiness and feel good vibes.
You can’t just help it but get into the vibes. This was a great show
he a great performer and deserves the success he is getting. He got
great songs that really connect with people and also wanna make
people get up and dance too. Great night.


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