• December 4, 2020

Via The Sun – Theatrics Reviews

Via The Sun – Theatrics (Self Released)

This album arrived in my mail box last week ands was quite
surprised about what I was hearing, they pretty much play modern rock/post
grunge/hard rock and they do it pretty well. The album is energetic as is
evident in the opening track Cliff Driver which is upbeat, well written, sung
and performed, Reminds of Greenwheel with their opening track Shelter. Same can
be said about Recycle Day. They can also do songs like Alone, Grateful which
are anthems waiting to happen, the use of guitar is refined; they mix up the
melodies and rhythms quite nicely. Songs like Bad Roots are the catchy upbeat
rocking tracks that would get the crowd going at shows quite nicely, gives me
hints of Juke Kartel.  Songs like Livin’
Fast gives me hints of 80’s glam rock mixed with bands like Juke Kartel and a
little bit of the Foo Fighters.  Songs
like Stacks are like the hard alternative rock tunes like bands like Seether,
Shinedown and also Stone Sour would do, and have the heavy energetic chorus in
the middle where the rest of the track is more melodic and not as heavy. It
finishes off nicely with Present Prize which is an anthem which works into it
slowly and delivers the goods. The album production is a nice mix of a little
polish and a little rawness which works in their favor and makes the album work
and sound nicely.  The songwriting down
to the musicianship and lyrics are good, they say they have written 5 albums
worth of material and I believe it.  This
is their first release, I can see this picking them up fans along the way and I’m
sure these guys will only go higher and higher. If they get the right tour
support and the right booking agent behind them they will be on their way.  This is worth checking out.


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