• April 15, 2021

Artist To Watch Out For – Jo Dawson

Artist To Watch Out For – Jo Dawson


  Photo by Lucia Ondrusova

Now I’m usually pretty nice to everything that get sent my way, I believe everybody has something to offer. But then their are times when I love something and I’m hooked for a while. I think they are brilliant gonna be huge. I think I have found somebody who captures all of that. Talent, driven, good catchy songs & the complete package. Jo Dawson is her name, I meet her thru a mutual friend and was blown away by what I heard, she is a rock/pop singer songwriter, writes and play pretty much rock/pop songs that are made for radio. She mixes it up with the use of acoustic and electric guitar she plays. She has a full band that she plays with and the band are perfect live. This girl is very different in Melbourne town. She ain’t a folk,jazz,blues or roots singer songwriter, she doing stuff that the crowds are loving. If I hadn’t done my best of 2010 she would be on it

This girl has got it, she gonna be very successful and have a great career. I’m hooked, I want more hehe and I’m a fan now




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