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Old Skool Interview with Brooke Everett

Brooke Everett

Photo By: Jonathan Nimerfroh
Photo by Jonathan Nimerfroh

Interview With Brooke Everett By Chris

Brooke Everett is one smart girl who featured in 2004
Playboy College Girls edition.
Plus to top that off she was March 2004 COED Of The
There is more to this girl then what is seen.She is very
smart. So read on people.


1. How has your life changed since doing

people ask me for interviews like this one. only a handful
of people have actually recognized me.

2. Did you ever imagine being in Playboy?

briefly, but i never thought it would actually happen. my
best friend abby convinced me to try out.

3. How did your parents respond to you being in

they are 100% supportive of everything that i do. they
thought it was really cool – Playboy is tasteful and
classy. my dad almost didn’t recognize me.

4. Would you ever do it again?

of course.

5. how hard are the two subjects you studied?

since i absolutely LOVED both of my majors they weren’t
particularly difficult because i enjoyed studying the
topics. i had been studying spanish for 10 years, and it
came pretty naturally to me. anthropology is so
fascinating…my best friend was an anthropology major,
too, and we always liked to come up with anthropological
explanation for human behaviors. for example, the
anthropological explanation for me appearing in Playboy was
that i was displaying the quality of my genes.

in terms of anthropology, my concentration was in cultural
anthropology, which involves studying contemporary groups
of people. within that subdiscipline, my passion is
food–"culinary anthropology"–because food and culture are
so intertwined. i conducted original fieldwork for 3 weeks
in oaxaca, mexico, for my honors thesis. my entire project,
including scads of photos, can be found on my website:

6. Do you enjoy travelling to new places for your

i adore everything about traveling and learning about other
cultures. my favorite aspects are the food, the music, the
people i meet along the way, and getting lost in a brand
new setting.

7. What is your view on high profile people using their
status to promote politics?

i have my views, but i don’t discuss politics as it’s a
rather touchy topic in the u.s. right now.

8. Has election fever hit where you live yet?

it hit many moons ago.

9. What’s your view on reality tv?

it was amusing at first, but it has become a bit excessive
and unoriginal. i must admit that i was truly entertained
by paris hilton & nicole ritchie on the simple life,

10. What are some of your favourite movies?

anything with johnny depp – especially cry baby –
labyrinth, dazed and confused, and wayne’s world.

11. What movies that you have seen recently you have
really enjoyed?

i like ridiculous comedies – i loved anchorman &
dodgeball, and i giggled throughout both of them. will
ferrell & vince vaughn are hilarious.

12. What are some of your favourite musical

i love to go see live concerts, and the disco biscuits
(www.discobiscuits.com) are my favorites for that purpose.
they’re from philadelphia, and they’re brilliant
instrumentalists, but their music has an electronic,
trancey twist. also the rolling stones, alchemy, and the
roots (www.okayplayer.com). i’m just starting to really get
into hip-hop.

13. What would we find on Brooke Everett stereo at the

the streets – a grand don’t come for free

miscellaneous female jazz vocalists like ella fitzgerald,
nina simone, billie holiday, and sarah vaughan

van morrison – moondance

duran duran – greatest

ted mccloskey – sixty cycle hum

14. What is one thing you most like to do

laying on a pristine, calcareous sand beach & reading a
book while drinking a dos equis amber lager & eating a
perfectly fresh ceviche with lots of cilantro.

15. What your favourite thing to do when your not

since i graduated last may, i’ve been able to take a little
break from studying. now i’m preparing to take the gre’s,
which are entrance exams for graduate schools. when i’m not
doing that, i enjoy cooking for my friends, reading,
partying with my girls, and dancing like a fool.

Thanks for your time any last words

"You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that is
where the fruit is."
–Will Rogers

Special thanks for Brooke for doing the interview you


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