• April 21, 2021

How I used to find free legal music for download online

These were the sites I used to find new and cool legal music before myspace & reverbnation 

Garageband – Very good site which hosts heaps of different styles of music. Has some big names support it. Need to sign up which is free and you can rate music.

Plus stream songs and download.

Iuma – Has been around for a while. Different syles of music. You can stream and download and give feedback no sign up needed.

Soundclick – Hosts different styles of music. Bands can pay to remove ads. Streaming is there and so is downloading.

MP3.COM.AU – Note not run by cnet. This is a mainly Australian,New Zealand based mp3 site. You can stream and download plus there is a chart system. Quite popular

Amp Cast – Don’t know much about this site. Does the usual stuff.

Purevolume – Specialty site dedicated to punk rock,hardcore,indie and emo stuff. Streaming is there. Bands can pay for more features.  

HXCMP3 – Dedicated to hardcore.streaming is there and so is downloading. Not a run by a major company if you like the site donate some money to help out 

Epitonic – A very good site for free music released by indie labels such as Matador. You probably find some artists you know there. 

Besonic – Not a band little site. has plenty of free legal music to offer.

Vitaminic – Offers MP3’s and streaming and also owns Iuma.

Peoplesound – Offers MP3’s and is owned by Vitaminic

Musicianmp3 – Another MP3 site where you can download music and talk about it also.

Music related sites

These are sites which can help you find new music.

BackStage Commerce – A Good Online CD Store to find bands. Soundclips,Info and more.

CDBaby – The most used CD store site by indie artists. Very good with soundclips,info and rate the music.

Lobster Music – A Melbourne based site which is a place to list your band and so on.

Rate My Band UK – Rate people bands here.

Rate My Band – Rate people bands here.

Radio Warzee – A legal online alternative rock station gets music by labels before radio.

It tells you what last 20 songs were played. It’s very good.

Alternative Addiction – A good site to find out about alternative bands.

You listen songs by signed and unsigned bands. It’s a nice site for alternative music.

MusicianMp3 – MP3’s and information and more

Rate Sum Music – Get your music rated by people in the industry and music fans.





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