• May 6, 2021

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Victoria Hamilton – Little Red Book (self released)

A good pop singer is well to me hard to fine, why because a real singer doesn’t need gimmicks to sell themselves, their voice and their songs do it for them. Case in point Victoria Hamilton with her debut release Little Red Book. I had interviewed her a few years back and got reacquainted again and the release is nothing short of powerful. A 17 girl with a voice that is really powerful. The songs are pop tunes that are just edgy, there are hints of r&b in the music and it’s highlight her vocal range. The song that is my pick is I Was Wrong, a really big ballad anthem that screams radio play.  Innocent has got that whole early 90’s pop rock sound with a dance beat. Hurry Up, Kiss Me, Forgiven  are guitar based ballad that really show off her powerful voice.  So Far So Far is a pop/r&b track of the laidback style and works well.  10,000 Things is another pick for me that should be on radio. It’s a ballad and her voice is solid here. There are 7 tracks and one remix. This is a fine debut release by an artist is going to be going places with that amazing voice of hers.  Recommend.

Brilliant Fanzine – This Old Star EP (Popboomerang Records)

Brilliant Fanzine are back with their latest release This Old Star a digital only ep with a limited edition 100 pressings of the cd for purchase. The ep is a good slab of solid quality britpop. It’s my pick off the release. You get two new songs, one old classic and a instrumental track. Brilliant Fanzine are back and they are sounding fantastic. My pick is This Old Star. It’s just a great catchy 60’s brit pop tune.  If you are after something new to listen to, Give this a try your in for something special.

Amaya Laucirica – Climb Up This High/This World Can Make You Happy (Departed Sounds)

Amaya Laucirica has released these two songs Climb Up This High/This World Can Make You Happy as a double A side single and they are both pretty something special. her music to me is folk alt rock.  While most people play acoustic guitar and do that it’s refreshing to hear an electric guitar being played as the main point of the two tracks. The songs are both really well written and performed. Amaya vocals sit perfectly with the two tracks. Oh yes the songs are well produced.  She has a way of writing tunes that draw you in with each listen. May it be her voice or the way the songs are crafted and written. I get hints of PJ Harvey and Kate Tucker in tracks. It’s a little bold, edgy and even a little sweet. This is a fine release by an Australian artist doing something a little different and we the listen are rewarded with something special.


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