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Old School Interview – Allira Cohrs

Old School Interview – Allira Cohrs

Done in 2006 & First 1 Done in 2005

I did these a few years back with Allira when I knew her, Thought she was a pretty cool person. If she ever see this contact me. would love to interview her again. Chris 

 1. How have things have changed since the FHM Girl Next Door Competition?

So Much has Changed,more so just my life more then anything,a lot of doors have opened since the comp which I enjoy a lot.

2. Was it fun do the Miss Indy competition?

Bartercard Miss Indy was a blast,I met some really great girls and worked with some really cool people,working with the cars for 3 days was hot also.

3. What did you hope to get out of Girl Next Door Competition?

Of course i had my eye on the prize of winning,but half way through the comp I relied that,it was better for me to network and make as many contacts as possible I made some really cool friendships with people in this industry and i believe thats why I’ve gotten so far.

4. Have you had to do promotion for it?

I have done a lot of PR for myself,I really enjoy it though,its fun meeting more new faces and getting to see how other people see my work.

5. Has that opened up a lot of doors?

So many doors have opened,and I hope that more will too,but I’am so overwhelmed with how things have turned out,better then I have ever expected.

6. What has been the highlight so far?

The highlight so far is writing the weekly Sex Masterclass for ZOO weekly,its such a great mag to be involved in,and to be one of there sexperts is a dream.

7. Have you had any bad feedback?

Hehe of course I have,but any comments are welcome,you have to take the good with the bad in this industry,but I guess I’m doing what I want to do,and not everyone is going to agree with it,but I’m really happy and i guess thats all that matters in the end,

8. How did you get involved with Zoo Magazine?

It came about from one of the editors asking me if I would like to be involved,i jumped straight at the opportunity..and haven’t looked back

9. Are you happy with how well things have gone with it?

It’s very bizarre and surreal how well it has gone,I never though my career would take such a big turning point,but I’am loving every minute of it.

10. Were you surprised when you got in the FHM’s 100 Sexiest Females List?

Haha yes very much so,I don’t see myself as being sexy,I’m am the girl who lives in trackies and uggies haha but I guess it’s up to the public,and iam very flattered that I even made it into the nomination list.

11. How did it feel to get the cover of Zoo Magazine?

It’s was a dream,it felt soo weird walking into the newsagency and seeing myself on the cover and posters, it was so hard to believe I had to pinch myself.

12. How things have changed after that?

A lot has happened,i have been jet setting off for the past few weeks,it’s hard but its part of the job.

13. What is next for you?

Any things in the pipeline? I do have a few things in the pipelines,I am in the process of organizing my calender,and my new web is under construction. I am wanting to break into TV so I’m looking at different avenues for that and hopefully everything I have got planned goes ahead.

14. Any advice foe people wanting to be a model?

Just set goals and achieve them,i started from the bottom and now I’am living my dream,its not easy work,but if you put your mind to it,it will happen.

15. Any more modeling competitions lined up?
There is a few,and I hope I do well,but its all a learning curve,


2005 Interview 

1. Why did you decide to become a model?

Ever since i was little i wanted to either be a ballroom dancer or a model..did ballroom for a few years and decided to give modelling a go

2. How did you get involved with FHM?

i entered the Girl Next Door Competition and made it to the top 7

3. Were you pleased when you were runner up?

I was over the moon,it was more than i could have ever expected

4. What has the responce been like to you being in FHM?

Its been great,ive grown a fan base and met some really great people

5. Has that opened up a lot of doors?

it has,and hopefully it will open alot more..but the main thing it has done,is given me alot more confidence and to be happy with myself and love being a women.

6. Has the internet helped with your career?

yes it has,having online portfolios and fan websites is great

7. Have you had any bad feedback?

alot..mainly people commenting on my work..but u do get the odd person trying to make u feel bad

8. Who would you most like to work with?

Proberly Kate Moss..she is amazing or Tyra Banks,she is amazing too

9. Which models do you look up to?

Imogen Bailey,Bessie Bardot..thats all i can think of at the moment

10. Have you been asked to pose for other magazines?

Yes i have,but have declinded because its not my style

11. Would you go overseas to further your career?

thats my next step after working here in oz for a bit

12. What kinda shoot would most not do?

Centrefold Porn style photography

13. If you could be in a music video who’s would it be?

50 Cent and the Game

14. Who has helped you out the most?

My mother and my best mate Kelly

15. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob Squarepants where would you be?

I dont watch spongebob hehe but id love to be

16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

A cd i got given at a nightclub last night..its red hot hehe

17. What are some of your favourite musicial artists/bands?

I love ministry of sound music..but i also love r&b,50 cent,the game,scribe,love Pete Murray,john butler trio..love some punk..AFI icon_smile.gif

18. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

Napoleon Dynamite hehe my fav movie

19 What are your favourite movies?

Napoleon Dynamite,Anchorman,Old School

20. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Love it..i want to be on the Big Brother Next year hehe HINT HINT


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