• April 21, 2021

Old Review: Jesse Lee – Room To Breathe (Direct Image Records)

This is an old review thought I had lost but found it and thought it was worth uploading since the rise of Jesse Lee who is an incredible talent.

 Jesse Lee – Room To Breathe (Direct Image

Jesse Lee is a great American country and western artist
and well is going places with her album Room To Breathe.
The first track River Child is a true country song and
really does shine her vocals as she works well with the
music and that makes the music fantastic. Back To The Flame
is another great song that also shows of her vocals and
which also works well with the music. The music in general
has been written and well to really show of her voice,
which is fantastic. These two songs are really upbeat and
great country and western songs and also which Jesse has
helped in the song-writing department. Time Stands Still is
a ballad and really really shows that Jesse can so sing her
heart out. It’s probably the one song that would easily be
on radio and pick her up a lot of fans. Room To Breathe is
another great song that screams country and western that is
really enjoyable with good lyrics and good vocals. The
backing band is great and makes the music a joy to listen
to. She also contributes to song-writing with this song
also. Happy Ever After You is a great song that really gets
you tapping your feet and grooving in your seat with good
musicianship, great vocals by Jesse and just makes you want
to sing. The lyrics in a lot of the songs are pretty catchy
and you will no doubt be singing away after a few listens.
Ohio is another laid back ballad country western song that
also really shines her vocals and is a song about love
basically and having a crush on the boy next door and it is
a good song, which brings out Jesse. Stronger Than That is
another great ballad number, which has great vocals, good
musicianship and is real joy to listen to. Redemption is a
really funky upbeat country western song that has great
lyrics, fantastic vocals and great guitar playing. I really
enjoyed this song. You Go Girl finishes off the album well
with a good old fashion country western song with Jesse
great voice and get you moving in no time and singing away.
Good Lyrics, Great Harmonies and well just a really good
song. I really enjoyed this album as I haven’t heard a
voice as good as Jesse in a long time. I can see why people
like her. A good voice goes a long away and so does this
album by Jesse Lee. For more info visit


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