• May 6, 2021

Band to Watch Out For – Enation

Band to Watch Out For – Enation


If you know me, I listen to everything but at heart I’m a rocker and love you know the kinda bands I grew up listening to in the 90’s which were pretty modern sounding. I decided to go for another look on cdbaby as I do every so offen. I came across Enation a band doing good old fashion modern edgy rock music melodies, heart and soul. Basically across between U2 & Radiohead.

There songs are driving, catchy & poppy but at the same time they do these ballads that a haunting and beautifuly powerful.

 I loved what I heard and bought what I heard and I was blown away by it all. The two band guys in the band are actors and are writing such amazing music that deserves to be heard and cherish. They have been doing it for a while and what you’ll be hearing is something you wish you heard earlier

Find out more here http://www.enationmusic.com/ 


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