• June 23, 2021

Ocelot Robot – Ready To Go Album Review

Ocelot Robot – Ready To Go (Self Released)

As a good reviewer should be, I’ll disclose how I heard of
this band is due to the song Don’t’ Play Nice which the video clip features my
friend Michelle Page and the song itself is cool and video clip rocks as she
kicks the band members butts. The band plays rocking catchy power pop/rock music
which is well written performed and played, and nicely produced, The opening
track Dead Celebrity, is an energetic rocking blast of energy which kicks off
the album nicely, The song Don’t Play Nice is a catchy tune that is the song
for radio, it’s catchy, well written, performed and played. The vocals are
solid and the lyrics are good. Brand New Girl a good upbeat song that has nice
use of the keyboard, I get a little bit of hints of Weezer and Zebrahead, Go
gives me hints of 90’s rock, the almost ballad track that radio would have been
all over it. Well written and performed, sung. Good lyrics too and like the use
of backing vocals in the chorus. Again & Again is another energetic upbeat
tempo song, the musicianship is good; you can feel the passion and the energy
for the music the band in the song. Almost post hardcore/punky pop like. Give
It to Me is another 90’s inspired track that I reckon radio would be all over.
The keyboard used in the track is a nice touch. Nothing For Free is a bit more
edger almost rock’n’roll like, not as a catchy as some other tracks, change in
tempo and mood in the music. Isabelle has hints of the style in the songwriting
in the song Don’t Play Nice but not as catcher, melodic and groovier in the
places with the guitar in the chorus part and the hint of use of keyboard. Over
It a shorter song, catchy, nice use of the keyboard, the band musicianship is
good here, vocals and lyrics are solid. Beautiful Disgrace is catchy upbeat,
rocking, energetic. Punchy in your face and solid and I love the instrumental
part of the song, real nice touch. Reckless is catchy rocking, almost punky pop
and has solid vocals, good use of backing vocals and lyrics are good. No One
Left is a nice way to finish off the album, different which I like about it
it’s an instrumental song that goes for 11 minutes and lets the band shows off
it’s musicianship and songwriting which is excellent. This album is solid, a
lot of fun, well produced and performed. I had a lot of fun listening to this,
it’s catchy and it’s very much worth your time.


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