• May 6, 2021

Jesse Lee – Come After Me EP Review

Jesse Lee – Come After Me EP (Self Released)

Lee is a country singer songwriter doing what I think is good honest
beautifully written music which is a joy to the ears. I’ve been a fan of
her music ever since I discovered her in 2005. Love the way she sings
and the honesty in her voice.  It’s starts off with the beautiful ballad
Come After Me which shows off Jesse voice, songwriting and the great
musicianship behind it. Cry is an upbeat catchy country pop/rock tune
that shows off good lyrics and Jesse amazing voice. Ghost Of Us is my
pick off the EP is a beautiful love song, it’s upbeat melodic and
catchy, her voice is in fine form, good lyrics and a great band behind
makes it all the better.Talk To Me is another ballad, beautifully
written with great use of piano in the track, it’s a moving track. Let
It Go has great use of Banjo at the start of the track, is an upbeat
energetic song, catchy well written with solid vocals. Just Like Me is
another ballad, it starts off slow then gets upbeat and catchy, song is
well written and vocals are good. If I Were You is another pick off the
ep for me, beautiful written, solid vocals and melodies, good lyrics and
great musicianship. It finishes off with another pick off the ep for me
If I Could Go Anywhere which is a rocking upbeat tune, beautifully
written, great musicianship, good lyrics and solid vocals. This is a
fine first class ep, all the songs are well produced,sung and performed.
I’ve been a fan of hers for years and love what she does. This is a
great ep, this is something really special and worthy of your time. You
won’t be disappointed.


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