• June 23, 2021

Gola and The Deed Interview

Gölä and The Deed


When I received an email saying would I like to interview Gölä one of Switzerland’s biggest artists, I was very much interested in doing so. I went and met Gölä and the film crew that is touring around with his team on his eight week tour of Australia to promote his new band The Deed at Maton Guitars Warehouse and we talked . If you love good classic rock, you will love what Gölä and The Deed is doing, it’s old school at its best and it rocks, I really dug the sampler cd.  He came from a small town and got into music real young and decided he would play it as well.We talked about what he grew up listening to stuff like Elvis Presley but he got older he got into soul, blues and classic rock music which he still is into this day. Where the name The Deed came from and what he has been listening to recently John Fogarty, Bob Seger. How he got involved with Jimmy Barnes which was the involvement of their record label and involvement with a producer in LA. and what the tour hopes to do, getting his name out in Australia which he hopes to be next year. His inspiration for writing his songs are his love of music, and you can tell it in his music, in the way he and the band performs the music. He is very likeable bloke and it comes out in the bands music and in the video clip for the song  Love Machine is a sight to be seen. The sampler gives you a taste of good e old fashion classic rock of the British feel and he great singing and playing the anthems like his songs Long Night and Love Machine as well as singing the slower ballad type tracks such as The Hour Of The Thief and Humble Foot And Me.  I honestly love what he is doing and think Australian fans of good old fashioned classic rock will take to Gölä and The Deed. I for one will be in the pit grooving to his kick ass tunes.



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