• April 15, 2021

Nine Sons Of Dan Interview

Nine Sons Of Dan

I first saw these guys play at Revolver here in Melbourne a while back and they blew me away with their unique catchy pop/rock/punkish kinda sound and I was hooked. I was totally getting into their tunes so I asked Flakey the drummer some questions to find out more. These guys have got a huge future ahead of them. Their songs are catchy and a lot of fun and radio will love them. So read on.



1. How did the band form?

The band came together as part of a university project back in 2008. I am studying at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and needed some members for a project. Soon enough it got out of control and before we knew it we had a band!   
2. What has been the highlight so far?
Performing at the Big Day Out was one of them, meeting Jesinta Campbell,  
3. How did it feel to win New Artist 2 Radio (NA2R) showcase?
Awesome, with the caliber of the other bands we didn’t really expect to win. So it was amazing and a dream come true so im stoked.   
4. What was the inspiration for the ep?
We were really finding our feet with the last EP, there were alot of ideas and bits and pieces that came together, so it wasn’t so much inspired by one thing.
Were hoping our next EP can give a stronger message!
5. How has social networking sites helped the band?
So much, Facebook and Twitter have been amazing for the band. We are the biggest Facebook fiends in the music industry.
6. Were you happy with the response to the ep?
Oh so stoked, we were just happy to get it out, let alone have such a great response. It gave us such more confidence to get back into the studio and put the next one out!
7. How did Jesinta Campbell get involved in the She’s So Fine video clip?
Roam Film and Post – the production company that did the clip, knew Jesinta and asked her if she would be interested in doing something like the clip. We honestly couldn’t believe it when we heard she was going to be in the clip!
8. What has been your favorite gig to date so far?

Any of the Uni Village gigs kick ass, our gig at Shooters recently was rad too. Also any of our all ages shows in Coffs Harbour are always awesome.
9. How did Justin York get involved in the song She’s So Fine?
Again a connection with the studio, they had worked with him previously as they travel to the states alot, and hit him up to play on some of the tracks.
10. How did you feel when you first heard your song on radio?
Oh I lost my shit for sure. The first time I heard it was going to be played, I was at work, and bailed for my ten minute break and waited in my car for an hour until it came on.


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