• May 17, 2021

Nine Sons Of Dan – Landslide EP Review

Nine Sons Of Dan – Landslide EP (Self Released)

I saw these guys for first time a while back at the revolver here in Melbourne and was hooked by their catchy upbeat energetic rocking sound. This ep gives you a good solid taste of why they are so good live and why they have been getting the buzz they are getting. The songs are catchy but yet well written, sung and performed which are evident in the first two tracks Cities and the radio hit to me off the EP She’s So Fine which features Justin York of Paramore on guitar. they are my two picks off the ep. But they can also write the melodic balladry type track in Took My Heart, SpeedDial but still maintain the catchyness and edginess the first two tracks have. The last track being the title track Landslide is a little more edgy, a bit of a groovy laid back intro then lands into a more rocking song that a little less catchy but highlight songwriting and musicianship. I loved this EP, all the songs are good,production is excellent, Jay Bainbridge is perfect as the front-man for the band. This is a top quality debut EP that is very much worth your time. These guys are gonna be huge, mark my words.


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