• May 17, 2021

Molly Shaw Interview

Molly Shaw
Molly Shaw is an extremely gorgeous  American model/actor/singer. She is doing good things and I wanted to know more about and find out why this girl is going places.
1. Why did you get into modeling?
A photographer friend of mine asked me to do a photo shoot as a favor a couple years back, and I fell in love.
2. What has been the highlight of it so far?
So far the highlight has been modeling for playboy
3. How is acting different to modeling for you?
for me is great because I actually get to enter a whole different world
and be a whole different person. Modeling I only pretend to be someone
else, just for a moment, or I’m photographed as myself. But I love both
4. What has been the highlight of it so far?
So far I honestly just love the energy of being on set for film. It’s amazing. 
5. What kind of work wouldn’t you do?
I wouldn’t do any kind of adult film. Or anything that would compromise my career. 
6. How did you get into music? 
I got into music from my parents. I was raised listening to old vinyls of the Beatles and Lynyrd Skynyrd and Fleetwood Mac
7. Who have you enjoyed working with as a musician?
I don’t particularly consider myself a musician, but my favorite part is singing, and I have always loved taking vocal lessons. 
8. What your long term goal as a musician?
None at the moment. 
9. How did you get into dancing?
My parents put me into dance at age 2. 
What have you gained from being a dancer?
I have gained so much, my
whole career has stemmed from my dance training. I owe everything to
11. How has social networking helped you get work?
Social networking has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s a great
networking tool to help get my name out there. But it’s a huge platform
for cyber bullying. And that to me makes it almost not worth it. It’s
hard enough to try to avoid what peoples opinions are of you in person,
let alone all over the Internet.
12. What is next for
Next is just more modeling, and acting and dancing. I’m going
to continue to do what I love most for as long as possible. 
Would you most like to work with?
My biggest dream is actually to dance
for Lady Gaga. I think she is such an amazingly talented individual. 
14. If you could be in anybody video clip who’s would it be?
Taylor Swift, she holds a piece of my heart. 
15. What are you listening to at the moment? A band called Mayday Parade. My favorite.


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