• August 3, 2021

Bloods Interview

Bloods are exciting new Sydney band who have just signed to the label Major Label and are doing good things, with the release of their new song Goodnight, thought it was time to interview them.  So read and find out why they are great.
1.  How did the band form?
Out of the
ashes of an old band. The three of us were always super tight so it
seemed natural that we keep playing together. It started out as a fun
and really loose kinda thing, MC had a bunch of demos that we jammed on
and from there it kind of developed into a proper band. We didn’t really
have any expectations at all other than to jam, play some shows and
have fun. Whether or not people would dig it didn’t really ever come
into play so we are always stoked when we hear people say the like what
we are doing.

2.  How did Major Label get involved with the band?
got in touch and said they liked our band, so we sent them a rough mix
of Goodnight and the rest is history! Sami at Major Label’s been a
legend. We met up before locking anything in and we knew the track would
be in the right hands.

3.  What has been your favorite show to date?
played some really cool shows to date. We got to play with the Dum Dum
Girls and Redd Kross which ruled. We also have played with Step Panther
who we LOVE, not to mention our launch shows with ScotDrakula and
Lunars. I would say that our favourite to date though, would be DZ
Deathrays at Oxford Art Factory. It was such a killer show as a whole.
We loved playing and then we got to play a full set on tambourine with
Velocorapter which was totally insane. Topped it all off with getting to
watch DZ destroy and then we all went and partied together post show.
It was pretty sweet.
4. What inspires the band when writing music?
comes from all over the place, but mostly from social interactions.
People we meet, people we love, each other and awkward situations.
5. What is the song Goodnight about?
The track is an ode to first love, drunken house parties and unwanted boobie grabs.

7. How has social networking helped the band?
it is such a good way to get your shiz out there quickly, and in front
of a bunch of people all around the world – it’s so rad having people in
Ireland, Japan and the US write stuff about us.
8. What are your favorite venues to play at?
have to say Goodgod, Oxford Art Factory and FBI Social at Kings Cross
Hotel – all just really fun rooms, with great sound. Goodgod may win out
though, just cos of the amazing Hot Dogs in the front room!

9. What is next for the band?
just shot a video clip for ‘Goodnight’ which involves about 50 extras,
pyjamas, cross dressing and some sweet BMX action – we should have it
out in a few weeks. After that we’d probably better start thinking about
doing an album or something!
10. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be? 
good question… Well nowadays with holographic technology you can have
anyone, so maybe we’d have someone who wouldn’t agree to be in the
video in real life, but we’d just generate a sweet hologram of them
against their will! That’d be ok right? My vote would be R Kelly, to
bring some of that Trapped In The Closet magic to the next Bloods jam.
11. Are you happy with the responses to your tunes so far?
are ecstatic! we just started this off as something fun to do – it’s so
cool to watch it grow from something started in MC’s front room to
releasing a tune and having people come to shows and dance!


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