• December 4, 2020

Lybecker Interview




Lybecker a great band from America I discovered on Alternative Addiction really dug their tunes and like what they were doing and thought an interview on here with them was a must. So read on.




1.  Are you happy how things have gone with your music so far?

-Yes, We feel very blessed to have been given the opportunities that we have had.

2. How has Intenet helped the band?

internet kind of brings our fans and us together, it’s where we can
talk with them when we’re away from them. Also where they can get music
from us, or updates about what we’re doing, like what kind of coffee
we’re drinking.. ha ha just joking…

3. What show would you guys most like to play on?

-we always talk about our dream show would be with Switchfoot, Boys Like Girls, Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World, and U2

4. What has been your favorite gig to play so far?

all have different favorites, each show has a different charm to it.
The first show that comes to mind would be when we opened for Sanctus
Real in and old theater in Oregon. It had always been a dream of mine to
play in an old theater.

5. How has social networking sites helped the band?

networking sites are an independent bands lifeline. it’s helped us stay
connected with fans to constantly keep them informed on what we’re up

6. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a career out of music?

Don’t give up, work smater not harder, and play as much as you can.. play anywhere and everywhere.

7. What was the inspiration for the EP?

new EP is really about this past year as a band.. My grandpa died,
Chris got diagnosed with cancer, it’s been kind of a rough year with
personal stuff like that..  It’s had it’s ups and downs and different
adventures. Life Love & The Inbetween really sums up it all.. the
good times, the bad times and all the times in between those.. 

8. What inspires you when writing music?

honesty… when people tell you what they’re really thinking… whether you want to hear it or not.. pure brutal honesty…

9. Who would you most like to play with?

Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Anberlin, Boys Like Girls, U2

10. What is next for the band?

We’re touring out to The LifeLight Festival in South Dakota, looking for cool places to go swimming along the way…


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