• April 21, 2021

Tim Reid – Only One EP Review

Tim Reid – Only One EP (Popboomerang Records)

I have been a fan of Tim’s music for years and I love what he does, he writes and plays such beautiful music that is really just a joy to the ears. Yes the reviewer in me must disclose that he has done a show with me at the Northcote Social Club which I organized but this is his latest release after 7 years he has put out one of the beautiful releases of the year. It starts off with the song Only One which is a catchy upbeat lively folk tune that starts off the ep well and is sweeteed with Emma Heeney lovely backing vocals and Dave Kleynjans on drums. Best Thing gives me hints of Neil Finn style of songwriting and tone of the melodies and a little bit of the lyrics, Dave drumming fits the tone and mood of the track. About The House is another cracking track good songwriting and melodies, Tim’s voice is in fine form and shines thru out all the songs here. It finishes off with a track called 18 Floors which was featured on the album Sunshine Ponies and it is a lovely track and a good way to finish off the EP. All these songs are incredible, yes I’ve been a fan for ages and love his music but he one of those songwriters who knows just how to write a really good song with ease. Yes it’s been a long time coming for Tim Reid but I for one can’t wait to hear the album, if this is what in store.


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