• May 6, 2021

Nikki Thorburn Review

Nikki Thorburn – To The Place (Self Released)

Nikki Thorburn is  the most exciting Australian singer songwriter who I have heard this year and also quite possibly in a long time, her songs is well written and her powerful unique voice makes her stand out of the crowd.  She is a unique blend of jazz and folk that stands and grabs you from the first go. The opening track Walking In Circles grabs you with the use of the keyboard, drums and of course her voice, the lyrics and musicianship are first class. The track has a little bit of a country edge to it. But it is an extremely catchy tune that kept me humming from when I first heard.  To The Place makes you feel like you’re in a Smokey filled bar hearing her win you over. It just has that tone and feel, with the vocals, melodies and the use of slide guitar, reminds me a lot of Dawn Landers & Cat Power. Sunshine Freeway is a beautiful tune and one of my favorites of the EP, Just a well written and crafted tune. Vocals shine as so do the lyrics and the band really responded to her songwriting and knows how to make the song that little bit extra special.  Something Strange is a great way to finish off the EP. Love the drum filled piano chant at the start of the tune and the ever so slight use of the guitar is perfect.  I was moved; I felt excited about music again, I just could not stop playing this. Music is supposed to be exciting, something that grabs you, makes feel warm inside. I loved this release, Nikki is a real talent, an artist who is something really special that we as Australian’s should cherish. She is a fine artist somebody who going to have a very bright future ahead of her. This is one of my favorite ep’s of the year. I for one can’t wait to hear what she has next and she will be on my top 10 list this year. Get it. 


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