• August 3, 2021

Lisa Salvo – Love And Entropy EP Review

Lisa Salvo – Love And Entropy (Self Released)

This is the long awaited EP for Melbourne singer songwriter Lisa Salvo who has been playing around Melbourne for a few years now with her beautiful haunting storytelling  and beautifully crafted tunes. This ep is amazing, it’ is something really special and to be treasured. It starts of with Seven Weeks which has a great use of clarinet and Timothy drumming works nicely alongside Lisa guitar playing. Her voice really shines here. It moves at a nice pace to show off her songwriting and the musicianship of the players on the EP.  Time And Chance is a nice track that has amazing vocals by Lisa, the use of sampling and processing is nicely used here is as Timothy drumming. It’s a slow hauntingly moving track that delivers in riches.Crumbling To Pieces basically Lisa singing and her doing the backing vocals and really does show off her amazing voice and what else she can do as a songwriter. Blind Man’s Bluff is a nice moving track that shows off the musicianship of the players and Lisa great voice and lyrics. Electric guitar is a good touch to the song. Downhill From Here which is Lisa and her guitar and shows her songwriting and lyrics. This is a first class EP from a Melbourne talent who should be a Australian treasure, she a fantastic songwriter, great lyricist and got an amazing voice. The production of this EP is first class, the use of trumpet and trombone used on a couple tracks are a nice touch. I think this is an amazing debut release for a solo artist who gonna have a very successful career, I believe, she got the talent to go far, you need to hear this now.


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