• August 3, 2021

miTchel & Lydia Phillips – Made In Barcelona EP Review

miTchel & Lydia Phillips – Made In Barcelona EP (Self Released)

I’ve been a fan of Lydia music for years, she was the first solo act I went and saw play when I started going to shows and have loved her music ever since. This is a duo EP with a Spanish singer songwriter called miTchel. The ep is called Made In Barcelona and it really a delight to the ears, such beautiful well written music which both vocalist complement one another.. The first song Francisco has some beautiful piano playing and singing by Lydia who voice is amazing here, it’s such a lovely tune that captures both their songwriting perfectly. Orenetes Song nicely starts up with a nice combo of the piano and guitar the singing by miTchel is nicely done here and the chorus where both of them sing is good. A Lover with the Bottle on his Mind has Lydia shining on the vocals and piano, the use of guitar is just beautifully handled here and the part where both of them sing is also nicely done. The Moment is Now is a good way to finish a beautiful nicely done ep where miTchel handles the singing here and where Lydia comes in the chorus and it’s piano & guitars nicely working together in harmony. This is a really sweet beautiful EP, Lydia always had a good voice to me and her piano playing has always been excellent and miTchel has certainly got some talent. This ep is very much worth you’re while and deserves to be heard. So go get it.


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