• April 21, 2021

Aversions Crown – Servitude Album Review

Aversions Crown – Servitude (Summerland Records)

Aversions Crown are a Brisbane death metal band and have
released an album that sits alongside the best of the genre with an album that
is well produced, performed and leaves a mark that makes you want to hear more,
Its starts off with a bang with the song No Salvation which has some awesome
guitar work and riffs. Excoriate is pure death metal, awesome guitar riffs,
fantastic musicianship, solid vocal work for this kind of music and the
songwriting is excellent. Imperfect Design has some excellent dual vocal work
which works perfectly together. The band has two vocalists the main vocalist
screams in a deeper growl and other he more or less sort of screams and they
work well together for this kind of music. Hive Mind has a nice intro which is
kind of symphony keyboard use thru out the track and makes a nice change and
good blend to the music and the drumming in the song is amazing. Songs like
Repurposed: Reprogrammed, just highlight the band songwriting, musicianship and
lyrics. I love the song Solace has a nice guitar intro that is melodic and
shows off the musicianship of the guitar playing and is a really nice
instrumental.  Songs like Partisan
Deconstruction, We’re Not Safe, Defiler are loud fast and energetic and the
break downs are killer as is the guitar riffs. Praetorian has good use of dual
vocals and the musicianship is excellent. Advocator Of Mans Genocide finishes
off the album and does it style. This is a first class Death Metal album from a
Brisbane band
and they do it really well. The songs and musicianship are first class as is
the quality production of the album. If this album is any indication, I can see
these guys going real far., Worth checking out.


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