• April 21, 2021

Ella Freestone Interview

Ella Freestone


Ella Freestone is 17 years old and with a lot of talent, thanks to my local street press, I discovered her music and really dug what I heard. she got so much talent for age and this will lead to a succesful career. Read on and discover what your missing out on.


1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?

So far I’m really happy with how everything is panning out. I’m
pleased with what has been achieved on the first album and I’m excited
to have the time to gig around a lot more once I finish school. Once I
turn 18 I will also be able to play at so many more venues and will be
able to enter more songwriting competitions, open mic nights, etc.

2. Are you happy with the feedback from the album?

The feedback that I’ve had so far has been really positive which
has been such an encouragement. I think that the diversity of styles and
genres on the album has been something that people have appreciated and
I’m really glad that people are enjoying it. At the moment I’m trying
to gain more of a profile by performing at various venues so that more
people will be able to hear about my music.

3. What inspires you when writing music?

Everything. The people in my life, the place I live, the amazing
talent of other musicians and artists, the provoking words of writers
and poets, the experiences that I’ve had in my life up until now, my
hopes and dreams…The world is a place of such colour and I find that I
can use anything to draw inspiration upon. In terms of musical
inspiration there are so many artists who I love. In particular artists
such as Angus & Julia Stone, Bon Iver and the Black Rebel Motorcycle
Club have had a big impact on my songwriting.

4. How has itunes helped with the music?

iTunes is great because it enables people who aren’t able to get a
hold of a hard copy to then be able it to purchase it online. It’s also
just a quick and easy way for people to be able to purchase individual
songs that tickle their fancy rather than buying the whole album.

5. What’s been your favorite place to play so far?

Venues like The Metro are great because there is such a buzz that
comes with playing for a large crowd. But I also love playing in little
restaurants and cafes where there is an intimacy and warmth. Playing at
the Old Manly Boatshed would have to be one of my favourite venues, but
at the end I think it comes down to the audience that you’re playing
for, not the venue that you’re in.

6. Who has been the biggest help with your career so far?

Aside from my family, Erana Clark has been the person who has been
behind me from the very beginning. Erana (vocal director on Australian
Idol and X Factor, director of ‘Meshach Musik’) has helped incredibly in
developing me as a singer and songwriter and is the main reason that
this album came to be recorded. The album was all recorded and produced
at her studio ‘Meshach Musik’ and the time and effort that she has put
into bringing it to life is invaluable. As well as this, Erana’s
expertise in the music industry and the contacts that she has have been
extremely helpful in getting me to where I am now.

7. Any plans to play Melbourne?

I would love to play in Melbourne! My plan is to take the year off
next year to focus on music so hopefully I will be able to travel to
different locations and get my music known inter-state. Melbourne seems
like a great place for live music.

8. How have sites such as facebook,myspace & twitter with help getting your name out there?

The internet has been such a great tool in helping expand my fanbase and
getting my name out there. I don’t have a twitter as of yet but myspace
and facebook are the two ways in which I stay in touch with my ‘fans’
and let them know where I’m performing and what the latest news is. It’s
such a brilliant way to get people to your gigs and its so helpful to
be able to refer people to a page where they can stay in touch with
what’s going on. With such an internet orientated generation I think
that keeping up with trends such as facebook and myspace is really
important in maintaining a strong fan base.

9. What been the highlight so far?

I think that the first time I listened to the tracks after they
had been mixed and mastered has been the greatest highlight so far.
There are songs on the album that I wrote when I was fourteen and I
remember sitting on my bed in my school uniform, writing the lyrics on
scraps of paper, never dreaming that they would end up on a full length
LP with a full band behind me. That, alongside performing with a live
band at my album launch have been amazing experiences that I never
thought I would have.

10. What was the inspiration for the album?

The idea of recording an album started off as a very small thought
in the back of my mind. It was at a time where I was busking every
weekend in Manly Corso and people always asked me if there was an EP or
an album that they could purchase. In the beginning that was the thing
that made me want to record my songs. I met up with Erana Clark and at
first we just talked about recording a four-track EP. However as we
started the process of recording and producing it was like a runaway
train. It became clear that a full length LP would be the way to go and
the more we recorded the more I fell in love with the process. Really,
it was in the midst of the actual process of recording the album that I
realised that this is what I wanted to do with my life.


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