• May 6, 2021

Keri Noble – When It Don’t Come Easy album review

Keri Noble – When It Don’t Come Easy(KikoSaysSo Music)

I’ve had this album on my desk for a while and the real world has kept me from reviewing it and like all good things, it was seriously worth the wait reviewing it as it’s a fantastic album that deserves to be heard. Keri been playing and releasing music for a while and this cracker of an album has 14 tracks on it and it’s worthy of your time. It starts off with the haunting track When It Don’t Come Easy being the title track off the album, with its solid vocals and great piano playing, starts off the album well. Red Eye Flight would be one of my picks off the album, it’s a catchy track about going back home on a red eye flight to see her man. Its more rocker than the first track, more guitar, drums and bass used through out the song. It also a song very suited for radio and it should be on radio. Songs like Wake Me Up, Say Her Name, I Will Love Me, I’ve Got You (What Do They Know), Flying Solo show off the ballads where they are beautifully performed and sung with great lyrics and the piano taking a life of its own through out the songs. . Songs like What I Gotta Do show off the country rock influences where she gets sing with heart and soul and let her songwriting really come through. Songs like Japan, Let It Burn have a real bluesy, country rock influence and a little bit of the ballad as well. It finishes off beautifully with You’re Home a real solid song with great songwriting, lyrics,great souring vocals and great musicianship and you can feel the energy and passion she has for her music shining through the song. What I like about Keri music is that she writes songs that a really energetic as well as being haunting ballads that the guitars,drums and bass help transform the songs alongside the piano to be something truly special and magical. The production on this is second to none. Just sounds fantastic, a high quality production that you can tell straight away from the first note. She been doing it for a while and I am without a doubt saying this is her strongest release yet. If your tired of the music on mainstream radio at the moment and miss the good old days of real singer songwriters, pick up When It Don’t Come Easy by Keri Noble, you will be glad you did and well it probably will not leave your stereo for a while.


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