• May 6, 2021

Steph Hannah – Mouthful Of Water EP Review

Steph Hannah – Mouthful Of Water (Self Released)

Steph Hannah one of those singer songwriters that has managed write tunes that are really moving and also catchy and upbeat at the same time. She a Melbourne singer songwriter and worthy of checking out. This would be her debut ep and it’s fantastic. She plays poppy jazzy inspired music and well its a joy to listen to. It starts of with Mouthful Of Water that starts off with just her playing the piano and then leads into an upbeat catchy tune that moves you as well as making you get up and take notice. She has hints of one my fav singer songwriters at the moment Katie Costello. Cherry On Top is a feel good upbeat jazz pop tune that hits all right notes, good melodies and vocals, great piano playing. Just makes you tap your feet grooving in your chair. Songs like Out Of Order highlight her songwriting and solid vocals and also the fine piano playing which she can do. Embers is another haunting moving tune that shows off her songwriting skills,vocals and lyrics. She has a way of grabbing you in with her voice and her piano playing. Play It Down Slow finishes off the EP well and highlights how good she is crafting and performing a great tune. Steph has produced a great EP, something she should be proud of and will no doubt lead to good things and a start of successful career. Special words on the artwork and production of the EP, both excellent. If you’re after a great singer songwriter to discover and enjoy Steph Hannah is it.


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