• May 6, 2021

Electric & Eclectic – Rarities Volume One (Popboomerang Records) review

Electric & Eclectic – Rarities Volume One (Popboomerang Records)

Compilation CD’s are a great way to discover acts you’ve never heard of before and then go and discover the rest of their music. My favorite compilation CD is from a British record label featuring punk pop & ska bands and does it right. This rarities CD by Popboomerang falls into that category. If you never heard of Popboomerang before and wanna know what the specialize in. The pop part should give it away. It has a variety of stuff on then from 60’s britpop styling’s of Adrian Whitehead to the new breed of modern power pop/punk music from Celadore. Bands like The Bon Scotts who do really catchy enjoyable folk music, Danna & The Changes who are power pop meets a dash of rock’n’roll. But my picks off the cd are The Bon Scotts, Celadore, D Rogers, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Adrian Whitehead, Danna & The Changes, Bryan Estepa. But seriously folks if you love good pop music there is something for everyone here. So go and get this people and check out some good enjoyable Aussie pop music then go and buy their albums.


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