• May 6, 2021

Celadore – Distance Is A Gun EP Review

Celadore – Distance Is A Gun (Popboomerang Records/MGM)

I’m a product of the 90’s and I miss loud melodic guitars. Then along
came Celadore with their amazing single Make Sure in the mailbox and
they completely knocked me off my seat with bloody how good their music
is. The new EP Distance Is A Gun features that song and 4 other amazing
melodic rock tunes that are a breath of fresh air and will rock your
socks off. Distance Is A Gun is a good slab of melodic rock that edgy,
well played and has radio play all over it. Eliza is my pick off the
EP,  It’s the song I reckon that could make it for them. It well
structured, song reminds me of Motor Ace & Gyroscope. It’s the big
ballad anthem track that grabs you in and won’t let you go until the
song over. You Say I Say Too Much is just a good rock track and which is
well sung and well played. It finishes off with Control which is part
ballad anthem part progressive rock and something quite unique. When I
first heard Celadore back in December I couldn’t believe my luck in
hearing a really amazing band from Melbourne with actually solid tunes
that were really different in the Melbourne music scene. Not only that
but they have been doing it quietly their way and it’s paying off for
them. Celadore are doing something fresh, something really exciting and
have released an EP that will cement their place as one of Australia’s
hottest new bands.


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