• May 6, 2021

Mere Theory – Walking In Storms album review

Mere Theory – Walking In Storms (Mere Theory/MGM Distribution)

Mere Theory is a Adelaide band who have been around a while and play melodic punky rock, think Trial Kennedy and you’re on the right track. The first thing that grabs you even before you slip the disc into your player is the packaging, it looks good and presentable. It invites you in to listen. The music is good, the production, musicianship, songwriting and vocals are first class. The opening track El Nino Lifts It’s Wings highlights this  perfectly great intro and bridge in the song. Break Through is another song that shows off the band songwriting, the way it can craft melodies with heavy parts easily in the chorus, the lyrics are good too.  Searchlight is to me a song that screams radio play, it’s catchy well written and everything works to make it that way.  The same can be said for Black Honey, the song has great musicianship, melodies and vocals. The band works perfectly here.  Remedy (Is You) is another radio play time song, is an anthem ballad, the song starts off slow, then gets more energetic and passionate. The use of Cello is a really nice touch and something special to the track. Songs like We All Stand, In The Same Room. Another Day are more anthems on the album, they start slow, then grabs you when you least expects it. Well written sung and performed. All Walls Will Fall is a just a straight rocking track, it’s an anthem as well but straight up rocking, good lyrics and musicianship is excellent.  We Can Start Over is a ballad that has great use of piano and acoustic guitar and the use of electric guitar in the background work perfectly together. The vocals are excellent. This is the song they should release to radio, I think it would do wonders and radio would pick it up. The Closing Scene is another energetic track that finishes off the album well. The album is well produced, well written, sung and performed. There is a lot to like off this album and I reckon fans of this style of music will lap it up and people who have not will also get something out of it too. These guys are a hardworking band and they deserve your ears listening to it, it’s totally worth it.


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